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Desert Harvest partners with Wunderlich SOHO Hair Co aloe vera hair care line

Wünderlich Soho Hair Co.


Wunderlich Soho Hair Co

Meet Eddie Wunderlich, Master Hairstylist, Soho NYC

Eddie Wunderlich @eddiewunderlich, Master hairstylist in Soho, NYC, is partnering with Desert Harvest to bring natural-origins active Aloe Vera-based haircare to the mainstream. Desert Harvest has been at the forefront of researching therapeutical uses of Aloe Vera for nearly thirty years. Their proprietary active Aloe Vera has been used internally and externally to effectively treat those suffering from many health issues, including Interstitial Cystitis and other urological and gynecological symptoms. Their unique patented process naturally preserves the Aloe Vera after only six hours after being harvested to secure the nearly seventy-five active nutrients that have been scientifically shown to penetrate the dermal wall further and stimulate new, healthy tissue up to eight times the average rate – naturally and effectively bringing the pH of the skin and scalp into balance, while soothing and deeply nourishing the scalp and hair.

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Wunderlich Soho Hair Company Shampoo and Conditioner