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Miscellaneous – Bibliography by Topic

PR Newswire Association, Inc. (2002, January 2). Sales increase for Aloetouch exam gloves with onset of winter and dry season: Lined with Aloe vera, Aloetouch penetrates and helps moisturize dry skin. PR Newswire.

Abstract: Discusses how the use of medical exam gloves lined with Aloe vera gel helps improve the condition of the skin, rather than dry and irritate the skin, upon frequent hand washing and glove changing by medical professionals.

Abstract: Aloe vera gel as a healthy preservative coating on fruits and vegetables. The gel also offers potential environmental benefits.

Abstract: Aloe vera can easily be incorporated into practice in nutritional, naturopathy, herbalism, physiology, and within more orthodox practice. This newsletter examines the rationale that lies behind the use of Aloe in these contexts. It looks at what is involved in incorporating Aloe into practice, gives guidance on the types of product that are needed, and recommends a range of possible doses.

Abstract: Scientists found a novel edible coating based on Aloe vera gel provided a good means of preserving the quality and safety of table grapes during cold storage and subsequent shelf life, and noted the edible coating would be an “innovative and interesting” alternative to the use of post-harvest chemical treatments.

Abstract: An edible coating of Aloe vera extract that could preserve fruit and vegetables for up to five times longer may be on the market within a year. Researchers say the spray could reduce the use of synthetic preservatives.